IGS Killeen Tx Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning

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IGS Killeen Tx Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning

We use the Five point carpet cleaning system & Five Step Carpet Care

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Doing business for over 18 years. 
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We also provide Upholstery Cleaning and Mattress Cleaning Service

Serving Killeen TX, Ft hood, Harker Heights Tx.


                                                               Carpet Cleaning Tips

{1} How To Remove Candle Wax From Carpet, Fast and Easy
Dampen a white cotton towel, fold it in half and place it over the wax. Press an iron set on
“high” over the towel for 10 seconds. The heat will draw the wax out of the carpet and into the towel.
Repeat until the wax is gone (you may have to hold the iron in place for up to 30 seconds).

{2} How to remove pet urine smell from carpet, You Must an Enzymatic Cleaner
Try any good carpet stain remover if the area still looks stained after it's completely dry from extracting and neutralizing.
Avoid using steam cleaners to clean urine odors from carpet or upholstery. The heat will permanently set the stain and the odor
by bonding the protein into any man-made fibers.

Clean up any urine that's still wet. If the urine dries, it stains the carpet and increases bacteria growth.
To best remove the stain, place a layer of several paper towels over the wet area of the carpet.
Walk on the paper towels so that they absorb as much of the pet pee as possible.

{3} How to Remove Pet Hair From Carpet
To remove pet hair from carpeting, attach an old mop handle to a window squeegee, and use the rubber
blade to rake up the pet hair. Once most of the pet hair has been removed, vacuum the carpet thoroughly to get the rest


{4} How to remove pet hair from couch, dryer sheets that remove pet hair
Furniture• Remove pet hair from upholstery and fabric with dampened rubber gloves by running your hand
over the surface to attract hair. ... • Or, lightly spray a mix of water and fabric softener onto your
upholstered furniture, then wipe off.


{5} How to Remove Carpet Stains | Real Simple
Spray the stain with lukewarm water, then blot with a dry white cloth. Repeat steps 1 through 4 until the stain is removed.
Follow steps 1 to 4, with one addition: Before applying the vinegar solution in step 2,
spray the stain with ammonia solution, then blot with a dry white cloth.

Wine, ketchup, chocolate, coffee, tea, beer, milk, tomato sauce, berries, hard candy, juice, soda, Gatorade, Kool-Aid
1. Dip a white cloth (or a white paper towel with no printing) into the detergent solution and dab repeatedly, then press
the cloth on the spot for a few seconds. Wait 15 minutes (it takes time to break down the stain), then soak up the excess liquid with a dry white cloth.
2. Dip a cloth into the vinegar solution and dab repeatedly, then press the cloth on the spot for a few seconds.
Wait another 15 minutes. (This is an important step, because white vinegar removes residual detergent, which will attract dirt if left in the carpet.)
3. Rinse by blotting with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water. Wait one hour or until the carpet dries completely.
For bad spills, place a 1/2-inch-thick stack of white paper towels over the stain after step 2, then lay a glass baking dish on top for 15 minutes.
4. As long as you see the stain lightening, repeat these steps until it is gone.


{6} How to remove ink stains
Mix equal parts lemon juice and gentle laundry detergent together and apply to the stain. Leave the mixture to sit for a couple
of hours before washing the garment in cold water. Try using fresh milk to clear up any ink stains. Use cold milk for blotting
up water-based stains and warm milk as a pre-wash soak.


{7} How to Get Ink Out of (almost) Anything
Use hairspray to remove ballpoint pen marks from clothing. Simply spray it on the stain and wash in cold water.
The garment may need to be washed a couple of times so check to see that the ink spot is gone before putting the item
in the dryer where the heat will set it permanently. If you don’t have hairspray handy, try rubbing alcohol.

Magic Eraser is a lifesaver for many ink stains. I once successfully removed ink spots from a black Sharpie
permanent marker after one of my son’s demonstrated his artistic inspiration on a solid wood table.

Bug spray removes stubborn ink stains from walls and other painted surfaces.


{8} How to remove blood stains
If the stain is fresh and still wet, soak fabric in cold water immediately. Rub the stain well with a bar of soap,
lathering gently. Tip: For light-colored fabrics, dab with a hydrogen peroxide, which acts as bleach.
If the stain has already dried, spray with stain-removal solution.
Blot with a clean, white cloth or towel. Press down and lift to pick up as much wet blood as possible.
If you are working on a large stain, start on the edges and work your way towards the center.
This prevents the blood from spreading. •Do not rub the stain. This smears it onto more carpet fibers


{9} How to Clean Dog Poop or Diarrhea From Your Carpet
We’re getting down and dirty today, folks, because the fact of the matter is—sometimes life is dirty.
Very dirty. We’ve already covered what to do when your dog pees on the carpet, so today we’re moving on to number two.
Though I sincerely hope that this isn’t a common occurrence in your home, if you have a dog, it’s important that
you know how to clean dog poop out of carpet. Maybe you stayed away from home too long or maybe your puppy
isn’t quite house trained, but when you see that brown lump on the carpet, you need to act fast. It won’t be
fun and it’s bound to be smelly, but if you learn how to clean dog poop out of carpet beforehand, at least you’ll
have the knowledge needed to get your carpet clean and odor-free fast. Next, you need to prepare a detergent
solution to apply to the stain. To make a detergent solution, mix 1/4 teaspoon of Non Bleach powdered laundry
detergent, with 1 quart of water. After you’ve sprayed your stain remover, apply a small amount of your mixed
detergent solution to the spot and blot the affected area.  Be careful not to scrub aggressively as this can distort the fibers.
Alternate between spraying and blotting, and rinse out the cloth as you go along so that you’re not rubbing
the excrement back into the carpet fibers. Once the stain is gone, you can move on to the next step.

To make your carpet odor-free, start with a solution of vinegar lemon juice and water (1/4 cup of each).
Spray this mixture onto the carpet and blot up.


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